[NAFEX] Pluots in Nebraska

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Mon Sep 28 21:39:00 EDT 2009

Thanks for the report, Bill.  I was thinking of getting a Flavor  
Grenade since I had heard about how the fruit set was much better than  
the others, but I think I will hold off for the time being.  I already  
have many great plums so the bar is pretty high for me.  I concur with  
your Flavor Supreme experience, it is one of my favorites for taste  
(and one of the most frustrating for fruit set).

Here is a brief report on my plum tastings for this year.  Great:  
Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Flavor Supreme.  Very good: Red Heart.  Good:  
Shiro, Superior, Wickson. Decent: Spring Satin.  OK: La Crescent.  The  
Spring Satin is worthwhile due to its earliness, any plum in spring is  
wonderful.  Wickson only had a few fruits and none ripened properly so  
I expect that one should rate higher in future years.  Superior got  
too much rain when ripening so it was not a fair year for them.  
Satsuma needs to hang a long time; the temptation is to pick them when  
they look nice and red but they may be several weeks from fully ripe  

z7 MD

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