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Martha Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 28 12:13:18 EDT 2009

I have had problems with some of my labels (both plastic and aluminum
imprint with ball point types) where a squirrel or a bird or something chews
on the tag which may or may not render it illegible and or shredded.  I
wonder if the dymo labeler would be subject to the same type of damage.  I
still have my old steel die letter and number set which will imprint both
heavier aluminum tags and brass tags however you have to hit each die
individually with a hammer and have something like a cement floor backing.
 It is slow, but they are more permanent.  I am shifting to that system for
perminant markers.  Both the tags and the dies are available from The
Company Forestry Suppliers.
Martha Davis

> The lowest priced is just to use "Aluminum ID Markers" they can be
> imprinted by pressing with a ball point pen. The letters will stay for
> years. They come in packs of 50 with wires for tying to the pot or plant for
> about $5.95 per pack. Try Mountain Valley Growers for these.
> If you want something a little more professional try a Dymo Professional
> Typewritter that uses Aluminum tape and impresses the letters and it even
> punches a hole for a thin wire to tye to the plant or pot. The machine and
> kit cost about $170 with 16 foot rolls of aluminium tape refills about about
> $6 each. They also last for years.
> If you want to go professional try a nursery printer that prints on plastic
> or laminate. They start at about $850 and print regular nursery tags with or
> without pictures.
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