[NAFEX] More on Ribes

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Sat Sep 26 12:32:10 EDT 2009


Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada


Kieran &/or Donna wrote:
I have found several PDF files that I don't seem to be able to get a
web address for.  If you use this one, you go to Ohio State and you
can do a search for gooseberries.  There are several articles
available there, the one you want is Fruit ICM News.  It's Ed Mashburn
talking about Ribes apparently grown and observed at his
Northumberland Berry Works in PA.  First off I notice that he's been
testing a lot of the same vars that KY did. I think Ed started it.  I
note that both Ed and KY are aiming at commercial production.  I don't
know why Glenndale was not tested, it may have a small berry or poor
color?  Anyway, what I liked about Ed's speech is that one of the two
versions of it is updated in italics, with comments about poor flavor
and disease problems that was not covered in the original.  the
original paper came out 2002, the other a few months later in 03.  I
like at least knowing why certain varieties are being tested and by
whom.  We are all a little like sheep, it's best to follow where
others have succeeded, but at least now I know who the sheep are that
I am following.  I'd like a better look at where the others had
trouble, so I don't try  going that way.  But I also want to know what
they have NOT tried.  The lack of any mention of Glenndale is
interesting.  I wonder if Ed tried it, and others, that were found too
sickly to be of interest.  Does anyone know how to get hold of his
literature, besides this paper on the successes?     Donna


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