[NAFEX] Apple bags vs. nylons

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Sat Sep 26 10:26:17 EDT 2009

    This year I tested "Apple Maggot Control Bags (nylon)" that I bought 
from Raintree versus Zip-Lock Bags with unbagged apples for a control.  It 
will definitely be my last purchase of the nylon bags!
    Both bag types were effective against Apple Maggot but fungi was a big 
problem with the nylon bags.  Blotch and Fly Speck are problems here that 
affect the outer surface of apples.  Both wash off with a bit of 'elbow 
grease' and a Scotch Brite pad but having to clean every apple is a nuisance 
and not cost effective.
    Surprisingly, there was much more Blotch and Fly Speck on the nylon 
bagged apples than on the unbagged apples.  Predictably, only a few apples 
with Zip Lock Bags had any and those that did had a small amount at the stem 
end.  An exception was that the earliest summer apples (Beacon and Yellow 
Transparent) were not affected with the fungi.
    In conclusion, it is nice that, unlike plastic bags that break down 
after being exposed to prolonged sunlight, the nylons can be reused again. 
I'll be using the nylons on my earliest summer apples and all others will be 
bagged with Zip Lock bags.

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