[NAFEX] Well a tomato is a fruit...in search of Yellow Pear

Lori Rizzo larizzo at charter.net
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I have Beam's Yellow Pear seeds I can send you - they are a small, beautiful
yellow pear.  Their taste is o.k., but not exceptional - but if you couple
them with some nice sweet red cherry tomatoes, they make a great salad.

Send me your info.


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Maryville, TN
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There are small yellow pear tomatoes hat are literally pear shaped, and 
larger ones like pastes that are sometimes called by the same name, so we 
need to know what they looked like.   I haven't grown any yellow pears, but 
I find that the bicolor tomatoes, yellow on top with red streaks underneath 
and inside, are low acid, high sugar with good texture.
    And if you have been through a cool wet summer, no tomato will come up 
to it's usual flavor potential.  I've ordered tomato seeds in SSE that were 
supposed to be terrific, and they taste like nothing grown here.  I'd 
suspect the people who offered them had taste bud trouble, but I grew a 
variety from NE TN that someone said was his main crop variety, and it did 
nothing but split here.  Soils do affect things.  It was a large pear shape,

so I have avoided that shape since.  Good luck!  If you look in SSE, there 
will be a while lot of vars under that name, but you may see that one is so 
good that they have been passing it around to everyone else.  There is a lot

of info to be studied in a SSE Yearbook.  I like to read all the weather 
reports from members across the country.  Donna 

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