[NAFEX] Well a tomato is a fruit...in search of Yellow Pear

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Fri Sep 25 01:44:33 EDT 2009

Yellow pear tomatoes were among the first things I ever grew - very
satisfying.  I find yellow pear in our coop and have also found they don't
have the flavor I remember.  They seem at once lower acid yet less sweet.  I
don't overly miss them, as there are so many wonderful tomatoes to grow and
try - but they are the most nostalgic for me.  
So, no collected seeds from me, sorry.  Have you tried the yellow pears from
Seed Saver's Exchange?  They have a particular variety, Beam's, which won
their tomato tasting a few years back.  

~ Stephen

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The fluffy one is sad, older now, and sadly potentially facing changing
taste buds I no longer can grow a yellow pear tomato that matches my
memories from decades ago. 

I usually grow a potpourri of tomatoes, and I fondly remember the yellow
pear of my youth ,a pleasant mild tasting, low acid tomato that was
wonderful when mixed with sharper tomatoes like a Super Beefsteak or Better
Boy.  Now a committed full flavor tomato heirloom snob (yeah I still grow
Hybrids like Super Beefsteak, Sweet100 and Better Boy too, just in case) I
really miss the remembered taste of the Yellow Pear from days gone your in
salads and salsas for a contrast.

I have tried several commercial sources and none are producing the tomatoes
of my memory.  What I am getting are ungoshly bland, mushy textured tomatoes
that frankly are not worth the space they occupy other than for eye appeal. 

What I suspect is there are many strains of yellow pear and I simply have
not lucked out enough to get the right one.  I do know if I encounter it
again I will save the darn seeds.

Anyways, I thought I would put in a request to the good folks at NAFEX that
if anyone has a good strain of yellow pear they save seed from if you could
spare a few, say 5-10 seeds, so I can get something going next year that is
worth a dran

Obviously we can swap something, all I want is a few starter seeds of a know
good parent. 

I thank you for any consideration your give this matter,

the fluffy one  

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