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> The fruit of both is identical in shape(as in Jerry's photo below), but 
> NC-10 ripens much earlier.
>  The first ripe fruit of NC-10 dropped Sept 14 '09,whereas Geneva Long is 
> very late-ripening-- about the same time as John Rick.
>  James Claypool's L51A  also first soft-ripe on Sept 14 this year, and 
> Juhl/Yates first soft-ripe fruit was Sept. 18, '09.
>  Geneva Long has consistently had somewhat larger fruit than NC-10 ,but 
> this may partially reflect the difference in crop load between the two 
> varieties. Geneva Long has never been very productive in the six years that it's 
> fruited here .
>  Cannot distinquish between the two in taste.

Hello Bill,

If there is that much difference in ripening, I'd say they are not the same 
variety. Size and crop loading can differ from year to year, but I've never 
noticed a great change in ripening dates when moved to another understock 
or area. That doesn't hold true if moved to a radically different USDA zone. 
Varieties removed to Louisiana for example ripen much earlier, but if both 
were moved to the same area I'd expect the Geneva Long to still ripen later 
than the NC-10.  

On that subject, I've grafted Juhl and Yates onto the same understock and 
both fruited and are dropping simultaneously. I've asked more than one 
visitor to look them over, examine the fruit and see if they can see a difference. 
None has been found. This repeats and seems to confirm Claypool's test, but 
I want to give it a few more years. When plant DNA testing becomes more 
reasonably priced I will run them. 


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