[NAFEX] Geneva Long vs NC-10 virginiana

William McNam billmcnam at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 24 16:32:21 EDT 2009

I have fruited both these selections obtained from John Gordon.
The fruit of both is identical in shape(as in Jerry's photo below), but NC-10 ripens much earlier.
The first ripe fruit of NC-10 dropped Sept 14 '09,whereas Geneva Long is very late-ripening-- about the same time as John Rick.
James Claypool's L51A  also first soft-ripe on Sept 14 this year, and Juhl/Yates first soft-ripe fruit was Sept. 18, '09.
Geneva Long has consistently had somewhat larger fruit than NC-10 ,but this may partially reflect the difference in crop load between the two varieties. Geneva Long has never been very productive in the six years that it's fruited here .
Cannot distinquish between the two in taste.
Does anyone know how Doug Campbell obtained NC-10?
Was it perhaps a seedling of Geneva Long? 
Bill McNam 
Zone 6 

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Thanks, Jerry
But, now I’m back to being confused.

Those photos of Geneva Long look identical to what my ‘NC-10’ is producing – elongate fruits that drop free from the calyx, 2+” length X 1.5” diameter – and similar in appearance to the line-drawing JHG has of NC-10 on his website – and he indicates that it ripens in early September. 
The tree that I *thought* I had grafted with Geneva Long scions from JHG produced a nice, average-size (1.5”) round fruit with good flavor; nice, but no better than many unselected natives I’ve had the opportunity to sample. 
These were the first two persimmons I ever grafted – early in my orcharding career – and the only persimmon varieties I had at the time.  You’d think a guy could keep two varieties straight, but I may have gotten ‘em switched. 
Hi Lucky,

I know you found the answer to your question.  Thought I'd send pictures of Geneva Long taken last year anyway for the possible benefit to other readers. Lee Brumley and John Raymond helped with photography and may have been their work. NC-10 isn't in my collection so have no pictures of it. 

It is so easy to mix up accessions when taking multiple varieties of the same species to the field. I've done it more than once. Another problem is forgetting to label the graft or record it in the filed records. Then go back an hour later and try to remember which variety was grafted. Switching material is such a problem that the USDA Grape Repository at Davis, CA that sells varietal material instituted a rule a few years back.  Only one variety on the working tables at a time. They too had a problem of switching cultivars. 

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