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From: Clair Hershey <chh23 at cornell.edu>
Date: September 24, 2009 9:33:04 AM PDT
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Subject: Invitation to subscribe to the Plant Breeding Forum (PBForum-L)

Invitation to subscribe to the Plant Breeding Forum (PBForum-L)

GIPB (http://km.fao.org/gipb/) is pleased to announce the launch of the 
Plant Breeding Forum listserv, an e-mail based forum for plant breeding
and related fields. The purpose of PBForum-L is to create a means for 
plant breeders and those in related fields to interact easily on a 
and informal basis -- with questions, discussion and debate. PBForum-L 
complements PBN-L (Plant Breeding News, a monthly e-newsletter) and the
Global Forum feature of the GIPB website.

Who will benefit by subscribing?
The users of PBForum-L should include public and private-sector plant 
breeders, students, teachers, research administrators, the seed 
policy-makers, farmers, and others.

Some of the ways you can use the forum:
-Pose a question
-Ask for advice about your research
-Request collaboration in a project
-Comment or seek input on an issue of broad relevance to the plant 
breeding community
-Suggest ways to support the positive outcomes from plant breeding
-Make known to subscribers your willingness to provide input and 
support in an area of expertise

In order to participate you will need to subscribe:
1.  Address an e-mail to: mailserv at mailserv.fao.org.
2.  Leave the subject line blank.
3.  In the message area, type: SUBSCRIBE PBForum-L
4.  You will receive a confirmation message of your subscription, and 
details on how the listserv works.
5.  You can unsubscribe at any time

PBForum-L is a moderated listserv:
The moderator will check each message prior to distribution, to prevent 
issues like spamming, flaming or other inappropriate postings. You will
not need a username or a password. However, the moderator will require 
that each message include the name of the sender. These measures will 
the listserv very user-friendly, and keep it relevant and free of 
distractions for subscribers. The forum structure and function will 
based on user inputs and needs.

In order to post a message:
1.  Address it to PBForum-L at fao.org
2.  Write a short descriptive subject line
3.  State the specific purpose of your posting. Type a brief and clear 
question or comment.
  NOTE: You can post items in the language of your choice. However, 
there will be no translation.

To respond to someone else’s posting: simply use the reply function of 
your e-mail.

Questions? Write to the PBForum-L moderator: clair.hershey at fao.org

To: mailserve at mailserv.fao.org
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