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Why is full strength too strong.? Should I delute it?? It is kind of expensive and that would save money, but if it doesn't do the job.

Simple economics was my reason for making a weaker mixture.  I'm cheap!  After testisng and observing, the recommended label dilution didn't seem to work any better for me than the weaker mix I've been using for the last several years.  So - it makes the stuff go farther, with equal results - for me.  Other's mileage may vary, and we should always start out following the label directions.  I even did that in the beginning.  Full strength won't hurt a thing - except your pocket.  If your deer have poor smellers, then if you dilute and lose one tree, you haven't saved a penny skimping on Plantskydd.  "Penny wise, pound foolish."  But anyway, that's my deal.

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