[NAFEX] bitter pit question

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 23 14:24:31 EDT 2009

Thanks, Ed.  

It might be frogeye, but it wouldn't be classic there either because the leaves are pretty much symptomless.  The leaves are green and shiny except for one broken branch where the leaves have a small amount of grey scurf on the underside.  Still, a fungal pathogen makes sense.  This tree received no fungicide sprays this year.

Zone 8, piedmont North Carolina

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>     If there are symptoms on the foliage which (at first glance) appears to
>be cedar apple rust, the problem could be related to a disease called
>frogeye leafspot (on apple....black rot on grape).  Otherwise I don't have a
>clue.  Sundance is hypersensative to frogeye.
>On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 1:19 PM, Anton Callaway <marillen at earthlink.net>wrote:
>> I have a young 'Sundance' apple tree the produced its first crop this year.
>>  The fruit, as it matures, develops sunken purplish regions that are very
>> bitter to taste and have dead brown cells underneath.
>> However, it's not classic bitter pit in one sense... the lesions are mostly
>> on the stem end of the fruit, not the calyx end.  How common is that
>> distribution?  Is there something else it could be?
>> Some background on this tree that may be informative... It was the one
>> apple tree that I did not thin adequately, thus the crop was too big for the
>> tree.  Also, it received calcium acetate sprays approximately every other
>> week from petal fall to midsummer (which I would think would reduce bitter
>> pit).  No other trees in the orchard have this disorder and all other apples
>> got the calcium sprays.
>> Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the subject.
>> Anton
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