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Why is full strength too strong.  Should I delute it?  It is kind of expensive and that would save money, but if it doesn't do the job.
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Has anyone used Plantskydd to keep deer our and did it work.
Bill Eggers
Winterset, Iowa
Zone 5a

Yes.  I have used Plantskydd for several years now, and find it very effective.  I do a couple of other things though, that you might be interested in.
First, I find the solution recommended on the label to be way too strong for my home orchard needs.  I generally mix about two heaping tablespoons full of the powder into a gallon of water - maybe two gallons.  I reapply every 6 weeks or so, so maybe that's the difference.
Also, Plantskydd is a scent cue.  They don't like the dried blood smell.  Since my deer and rabbits are somewhat slow learners, I have also included some Deer Guard with Bitrex, which is the most awful tasting stuff in the world!, as a little reminder to them that if my plants don't smell good, they're certainly not going to taste good either.  This works great!
I find that stopping their roaming patterns is very important.  If I can get the scents and tastes out right now, while they are re-establishing their fall browsing trails, it stops them from developing the habit of making a side trip through the orchard to check it out.  Once they've set up their trails for the fall and winter, they don't seem to want to deviate much - which makes it very much easier to keep them out!
I also hang little bags of plain old dried blood meal at about Bambie nose high in my fruit trees.  Helps too.
Good luck! (you'll need it)
Tim Inman
Zone 4 Iowa
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