[NAFEX] Cross cultural dislikes; Maple? Blech! [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

ADAMSON, Karl Karl.Adamson at apvma.gov.au
Sun Sep 20 20:44:17 EDT 2009

If you ask an Aussie, the difference is chalk and cheese. But
essentially they are both the same thing, which is a blend of salt and
yeast by-product cooked to the consistency and colour (some say taste)
of axel grease.

Maybe its my kiwi heritage but I dislike all vegemite and similar
spreads.  I'm much more into the sweet things.
My son on the other hand will eat it like there's no tomorrow, he
definitely loves savoury tastes.

When travelling through the pacific islands I discovered that they treat
spam and similar salted and tinned pork meat products with an almost
religious reverence. As their economies were based around pig I can
understand why. But this is interesting as it points to both genetic AND
cultural factors that place a food in the esteem of its people. Now spam
is an appalling rendition of pork but it is honoured none the less. Now
I must not forget environmental factors here also.  In Australia, we
have an appalling product called corned beef. It is a heavily salted
roast that you boil, primarily to remove the salt and thereby make it
edible. It was very common in the days prior to refrigeration as the
meat could be stored for months and it is still eaten with great relish
by the older generations. So sometimes environment dictates what foods
we love also.

To keep this somewhat on the topic of fruits, I would be interested in
growing American pawpaw. Can anyone who has some fresh seeds contact me
privately so we can come to an agreement on the cost of postage.

Karl, Australia

>Are we talking the same thing as vegemite here?  The Aussies use that
as a
>spread.  That's a spread no one is born loving.


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