[NAFEX] Vegemite & durian

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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I think Vegemite is disliked because of expectations.  We're used to butter,
jam, cream cheese, etc. on morning baked goods; creamy and/or sweet.  I
don't crave it, but don't hate it; like it, but don't seek it out.  I'm


~ Stephen


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As an Australian I have to stand up for our 
national honor (such as Australia has) and say I love vegemite. We are 
fed it from a young age; almost all Australians love it; most 
non-Australians hate it.

Friends of ours traveled with Barb & I in Aussyland a few years back. I can
verify that none of the four of us liked nor developed a taste for vegemite.
I personally like durian better. I'm pure American. 


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