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Neil Lewis lewisn at georgetown.edu
Sat Sep 19 22:05:00 EDT 2009

This has been an interesting thread on how taste and cultural 
conditioning relate.  As an Australian I have to stand up for our 
national honor (such as Australia has) and say I love vegemite. We are 
fed it from a young age; almost all Australians love it; most 
non-Australians hate it. My favorite way to eat it: piece of burnt toast 
(black -- melds with the black vegemite), butter, vegemite, topped with 
a fried egg. Excellent hangover food; lots of B vitamins.  For the 
record: I also love maple syrup and peanut butter. Lots of Australians 
love peanut butter. I tried Durian at the NAFEX meeting in North 
Carolina the summer before last-- no thanks!

Neil Lewis

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> mIEKAL,  Marmite is wonderful!  Vegemite is about the only thing we could 
> find close to it when I brought my husband over to the US.  Donna 
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