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Re Lon's plums wine.  I used to pick what I think were Ozark Premier plus that some little old ladies had in the Tenn Valley.  They were great, but of course you spit out the rather tart skin and the pit which was clingstone and the flesh was quite tart there.  One year I picked enough I had to do something with them so I boiled some up and strained them for plum nectar, which I canned and we diluted it with water for drinking.  It was very nice.  but some I canned whole, and then wondered what to do with them.  One winter day I decided to make them into a pie, and poured the jarful, pits, skins and all, into a pie crust with a good bit of sugar.  I was just taking the pie out of the oven when friends arrived unannounced, perfect timing.  I served up slices of drippy pie and someone said in response to their first taste, "Cherry pie!"  It would just about take the enamel off your teeth.  Really good, but I think for culinary purposes it might be best to try to get rid of most of the pulp right around the pits of Jap-Am plums.  If fermenting them for wine, try to pull the pits out before they go too long.  Of course, for medicinal purposes, malic acid really helps people with fibromyalgia, gives energy and reduces pain.  For the rest of us I'm sure it's good too.  Remember the Ice Man with his terrible arthritis was carrying dried sloes, very high in malic acid.    Donna  
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