[NAFEX] Peanut butter

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We have a Mennonite scratch and dent place also here in balmy Idaho.  They
are my purveyor for artichoke hearts, Artisan raw milk blue cheese, Lindt
chocolate, gefilte fish.



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PB&J made me what I am today.

We've got a local Amish/Mennonite 'scratch & dent' grocery store that we
frequent with some regularity, and my #2 son, who's inordinately health
conscious, frequently buys up all the 'omega-3' peanut butter they have in
stock when we're there, as well as any almond, cashew, or sunflower butter

I'd seen some "The Heat is On" peanut butter there on several occasions, but
had shied away from it - but finally bought a jar;  Hot peanut butter is
good!  A PB&J made with hot & spicy peanut butter and some hot pepper/pecan
jelly is fabulous!  Mmmmm.


Naomi, here's the website for Golden Eagle syrup - think they also have
their pecan recipe linked there:


For years, being exiled up here in the frigid northland(southern KY), I had
to stock up whenever I went home to AL, or had friends/family coming north,
but lately, Wal-Mart Supercenter has been carrying it in their grocery




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Now I really like marmalade on peanut butter.  Livens up the flavor IMO.
Now I do make my own marmalade with lots and lots of peelings. And peanut
butter with garlic, soy sauce and other stuff is great on noodles. 

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