[NAFEX] Was: Cross cultural dislikes; Now, Plum wine

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Fri Sep 18 15:48:05 EDT 2009

Be sure the sharpness in your plum wine IS alcohol.
In 1979  I made wine of a Japanese-American plum I have.  It had so 
much pectin it took several years to clear and the pectins made a layer 
over an inch thick in each bottle.  It also had so much acid it would 
set your teeth on edge, though the plum aroma and flavor came through 
well.  This year I found some in the back of the wine cellar and the 
acid was STILL as sharp as ever.  Made wonderful cooking wine, though.  
Great for tenderizing meat.

-Lon Rombough
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Speaking of honey.. I bottled my plum mead yesterday.  Seemed okay but 
too sharp on the alcohol.  A year maturing will fix that.  I used 
Beauty Plums.  If I use those again I will put in a few cinnamon 
sticks.. the flavor needs some wake up.  The Mirabelle mead I made last 
year had more character.
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