[NAFEX] Cross cultural dislikes; Maple? Blech!

Dr. Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Sep 18 15:17:19 EDT 2009


It's not just Europeans.

I find maple syrup - the real thing, as well as maple-flavored syrup - or
any thing maple-flavored, including bacon(what a blasphemy!  It's supposed
to be HICKORY smoked!) - to be disgusting and quite off-putting from a taste


Growing up in UCLA (upper corner of lower Alabama) in the '50s/'60s, 'syrup'
- at least in my family, was either cane syrup(AlaGa or Cane Patch), corn
syrup(dark Karo), or my (still)favorite, Golden Eagle syrup(Yellow Label is
a close second, if you can't find Golden Eagle), which is a mixture of corn
syrup, cane syrup, and honey.  THICK and sweet - makes the very best
pecan/hickory pies in the world, and doesn't make your pancakes/waffles  a
soggy, sodden mess, like that nasty maple/maple-flavored 'pancake' syrup.

Log Cabin or Aunt Jemimah?  Doesn't matter to me - if those are my choices,
I'll do without.


Was discussing this thread with a co-worker yesterday, and she brought up
the 'peanut butter' angle  and the apparent disgust Brits have for it - but,
I'd have to think that if my 'jelly' choice was orange marmalade, I might
not care for a PB&J sandwich either.


Lucky Pittman

Son of the South


In my experience, the North American food that has gotten the strongest
reaction from European visitors is maple syrup---they (with a few
exceptions) consider it disgusting--gaggingly vile.  One might like to think
that Aunt Jemimah were to blame, but I only use the real stuff and the
reaction  has been the same.


Steve Herje

USDA  zone 3

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