[NAFEX] King of fruits?

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Fri Sep 18 12:28:25 EDT 2009

> Sometimes we are unduly fussy and conservative about new things.

True. It's hard to tell, because taste (and smell) are very subjective. 
If you think something is going to taste good, it's more likely to 
actually taste good. And if you expect it to be bad-tasting, it probably 
will be. Blind-tasting tests often show that people can't tell the 
difference between different types of beer, or whatever, without seeing 
them, even though they expressed distinct preferences for particular 
brands. It's kind of funny.

Not to say that there aren't real taste preferences, of course. Who 
knows why we like certain things? But as fruit explorers, we're probably 
more ready than most to try new things. And that eagerness to experiment 
probably means that we're more likely to enjoy different tastes. I know 
people - seriously, I do, and more than one - who won't try ANY Chinese 
food, because they're just certain that they'll hate it. They've never 
tried it, but they're still certain. Those kinds of people aren't likely 
to enjoy anything new.

And I suppose there's the matter of just getting used to it, too. I 
really disliked my clove currents the first year they produced fruit. I 
was hugely disappointed. But this year, they didn't seem so bad. Heh, 
heh. Who knows? I may be raving about them soon enough.


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