[NAFEX] King of fruits?

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Thu Sep 17 23:24:40 EDT 2009

Our local health food store owner often stocks odd things he finds at Asian groceries.  I hear he has a bottle of "Durian essence".  I have to wonder if it would keep away varmints, or attract them?  My husband says that the moral of all this is that if you date an Asian woman, you should buy her durian treats instead of chocolate.  
    Have any of you seen the reaction of Asians raised in America?  I'm assuming this is a genetic rather than a cultural thing.  I used to hang out on a support group for people with Wilson's Disease (copper overload, I was interested in it at the time).  Something that came up was that none of them can smell skunk, it goes with the disease.  My husband finds skunk on the dogs a lot more offensive than I do.  Woman tend to be higher in copper than men, and my husband has high iron so his copper is low.  It could be that durian concentrates some mineral that is rare in Asia, or more likely it provides some vitamin or phytonutrient that Asians don't synthesize as well as other races.      Donna 
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