[NAFEX] Sunchokes

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Thu Sep 17 23:23:25 EDT 2009

Sunchokes are said to be sweeter if dug after cold weather arrives.  I 
expect that means that the inulin is changing into something more 
digestible.  Sunchokes are one of many plants that are good for you because 
they feed good bacteria. This produces flatulence but tends to reduce 
inflammation, because bad gut bacteria create toxins that promote 
inflammation.  Others on the list include beans, peas, oats, anything in the 
cabbage family, salsify, scorzonera.
    I think we might be getting off topic, because I can't think of a single 
fruit that is high in FOS or any of those fancy sugars.  While we are off 
topic, the complex sugars in certain mushrooms act as general immune system 
stimulants, and help fight cancer. These include shiitake mushrooms, and the 
common "turkeytails".  Turkeytails contain a cancer fighter that was used 
for about 20% of all "chemotherapy" in Japan back about 10 years ago.  I 
don't know about now, and I use the term in parenthesis because I don't know 
if you can call something that natural "chemo".  IP6 is extracted from rice 
hulls, and used to fight cancer, but you buy it at the health food store so 
it's not "chemo".  Binds iron, and iron is required for cancer to grow. 
Iron is also required for bad gut bacteria to grow.  When babies are born 
they have a sterile gut, and mother's milk contains no iron plus 
lactoferrin, which grabs up any iron it encounters.  There are very few 
bacteria that can live without iron, they include the good symbionts like 
Lactobacillus, Acidopholus, etc that use Manganese instead of iron.  (Mn is 
very much like iron in many ways.)  Given that a normal baby is born with a 
year's supply of iron in it's liver and human milk provides a negative 
amount of iron, it is truly bizarre that the formula industry insists on 
iron fortified formulas for babies.  Some believe that this can affect the 
immune system for life, upping rates of asthma and other inflammatory 
conditions, which only proves once again that homegrown is better than 
storebought.       Donna 

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