[NAFEX] quince pollination

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Sounds like what you are describing is a different plant from the genus Chaenomeles.  I was talking about Cydonia oblonga.

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>I've wondered about quinces and pollination myself.  TTU used to have some 
>quinces that cropped like crazy every year.  They had the little white, red 
>and orange ones from Hector's nursery, and they had Toya Nishiki which I 
>adore anyway, so the nice fragrant fruits meant I just had to have one 
>myself.  Well, it turns out they bloom too early for our microclimate.  Tech 
>has all those nice big brick buildings to hold in the heat and stop the 
>wind.  This year as usual despite the mild spring I have no fruit, but was 
>thrilled to find a big old bush at a rental house in town with a nice little 
>haul of fragrant fruit.  I don't think they need a pollinator, but might 
>crop better with one nearby.  Have a good look inside your blossoms, make 
>sure they don't have black dead centers, because no amount of pollination is 
>going to overcome the effects of frost.  Donna 
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