[NAFEX] King of fruits?

Kevin Moore aleguy33 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 15:20:25 EDT 2009

Used to get fresh ripe Durian in the Vietnamese market when I lived in San Jose California. I recall it smelled like dirty diaper, but then I haven't been around a lot of babies. Didn't eat a lot of it, but I had some every once in a while. I prefer berries.

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Kevin,  You have it wrong.  It's gingko 
fruit that smells like dirty diapers.  Durian merely smells like onions and 
garlic mixed with fruit.  My husband says the onions and garlic are rotten, 
but I say not.  He says it tastes vile too.  I have eaten only a 
little bit of frozen durian, thought it was ok.  I'd probably like it 
fresh.    Donna  

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