[NAFEX] King of fruits?

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A couple of years ago, a Chinese grad student in our department brought in a package of durian newtons. Just like fig newtons, but made with durian instead of figs. When she opened the package, all non-Asians ran out of the room holding their noses, while other Asian students ate them all in a few minutes. About 30 minutes later some guys from the maintenance department showed up saying they had received numerous calls about a sewer gas leak. To me they smelled like onions, garlic and sewage. No thanks!

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  We saw a durian at an asian market in either Seattle or Vancouver.  I'd heard it described as the "Queen of tropical fruits" and bought one, packaged nicely in a net bag.  We took it up to our hotel room, everyone gathered around with great expectation as my son-in-law took a knife to open it.  There were these balls of custardy creamy white stuff inside the firmer flesh.  But the odor permeated the whole room in no time.  Smelled like sh*t,  The only one who could get it past the nose was my son-in-law who can't smell at all.  We didn't know what to do with it -  had to get it out of the room as the odor was sickening.  Wrapped it in plastic and paper several times and dropped it off .  Now I understand why some hotels in the orient have signs reading "No durians allowed".  hector black  middle tn
    smells like onions and garlic mixed with fruit.  My husband says the onions and garlic are rotten, but I say not.  He says it tastes vile too.  I have eaten only a little bit of frozen durian, thought it was ok.  I'd probably like it fresh.    Donna  

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