[NAFEX] Pear question

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 16 23:40:45 EDT 2009

Depends on how many you want ripe at once.  Get out as many at a time as you 
want, but if they are pears that can store for a decent time, leave the 
others cold.  I have found that they all start out hard, reach their peak 
flavor and eventually are overripe.  The speed this happens at varies with 
temp and variety.  And then there is you.  Do you want them hard, softish, 
or when their flavor is highest?  I discovered on my first crop of Warrens 
that they taste best just before they go bad.  Likewise some weird long 
green pears someone brought me this week, I don't think they are very good, 
but the best of the lot had mushy spots that I ate around.  None of the 
sound specimans even came close to tasting as good.    Donna 

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