[NAFEX] Jerry's spray drift question

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 13:21:44 EDT 2009

You didn't say what you intended to grow on your farm and how many acres of
it.  You need to know about legal ramifications in your state- for that
contact your states DEC.  As far as what you can do about drift, if you are
only planning on growing a couple acres of fruit of so you can always use a
high pressure sprayer with a gun instead of a mist mist sprayer which
would reduce drift considerably.  Also the smaller the trees the easier to
control, of course, and there are adjuvents to reduce drift.  A densely
grown  hedge on highway side would serve two purposes- hiding what you are
doing and reducing drift.

It could be quite a boon to have that location if you intend to sell your
produce as you've probably already calculated.
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