[NAFEX] quince fire blight (was medlar death)

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Sep 15 22:19:18 EDT 2009

Anton, I have a Pineapple and a Smyrna.  I used to have an Aromatnaya  
but it died of fireblight several years ago.  This year I only got a  
couple fruits because the fireblight infected nearly all the fruits at  
the 1-2" size and they mummified.  On the original topic of Medlars I  
also lost a Breda Giant to fireblight; my remaining Royal medlar has  
blight problems as well.

For some reason I never get fireblight on my pears, the crop you hear  
most about FB on; I have around 50 varieties many of which are  
considered highly susceptible.  The apples get it badly, but not as  
bad as quince and medlar which are the worst by far.


> Scott,
> What quinces do you grow?
> I've not yet had a fireblight epiphytotic here so the 2 cultivars  
> I've been growing have not been tested this way, although the Lisle  
> Special has had terrible quince rust problems.
> Anton
> Zone 8, North Carolina Piedmont

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