[NAFEX] soil for grape transplanting

seth jones setjon at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 10:58:45 EDT 2009

I've just finished an arbor for grapes behind the house and am looking for
advice on how best to prepare the soil for transplanting later this year. I
can dig out the existing soil and replace if necessary or work with what I
have. My soil is pretty high in clay, ph about 6.5. I have Niagara, Reliant
and Marquis in whiskey barrels ready to plant when dormant.

I followed a thread earlier this summer about adding sand to the soil which
I'd like to try. Anyone have a good formula for amounts of sand, organics,
soil and supplements? I know grapes root deeply so how deep should I work

My other question regards sunlight/soil temperature. There is a great
difference in soil exposure if i plant inside or outside the arbor. I've
gotten conflicting advice about keeping the soil warm or cool. Either way
the vines will get full sun. Any advice?

Thanks in advance. I've learned a lot from you Nafexers.
Seth Jones
Petersburgh, NY
Zone 4/5
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