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You're right.  I should have been more specific about where I am (the North Carolina Piedmont), but I thought my first sentence, indicating the Southeast would give an indication of our climate (hot, humid and buggy).  

It is interesting and hopeful that you've seen variation in stone adherence.  Several peach & nectarine cultivars ripened before 'NectaZee', although 'NectaZee' was the only tree allowed to fruit in its first year.  In order of (beginning) ripening, these were:
Seedling white freestone#12
'Nectar Babe' (nectarine)
'Double Delight' (nectarine)
Seedling white freestone #14
Seedling white freestone #4
'Necta Zee' (nectarine)

This spans about 6 weeks.  All the other cultivars before 'Necta Zee' were freestone.  I do have some known clings that ripen after NZ.

Now for the fungicide question.  I must confess to a sin of omission in the email to which you refer.  There are certain topics that I cannot comment on without prior authorization from my employer.  I now have that authorization so I can say that I did use Pristine this year.  I used a total of three applications alternated with Immunox.  As you correctly pointed out, Immunox is not terribly effective vs. brown rot.  I credit the near complete lack of brown rot to three things:  1) great curculio control using Imidan, 2) dry weather during July and 3) Pristine (in no particular order of importance).  The dry weather gave way to regular rains, yet I still lost very few fruit to brown rot.  In fact, the only stone fruit I lost to brown rot this year >all< had a curculio grub in them and were on a 'Sweet Bagel' tree that only got two Pristine sprays and much reduced Imidan spraying due to its proximity to some ripening figs.


Anton Callaway, Ph.D.
Zone 8 (North Carolina, Piedmont)

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>Anton, I don't know exactly where you're located, which you should have
>mentioned, but here in the northeast (southeastern NY, for me) we saw
>extremely wet and cool weather for the first 2 months of "summer".
>Freestoneness (ok, made up that word) arrived very late and up until about
>Coralstar which comes in about 18 days after Redhaven even normal frees were
>clings this year.
>Don't ever think you can get any kind of evaluation from one season of a few
>fruit, let alone a single mature harvest.  I want to know where you are
>because if your few fruit were clean without a huge input of fungicide I'd
>like to know all about it.  Nectarines rule!  Except maybe low acid ones.
>I'm a sixties fruit acid-head.  Don't give me that fruit that tastes like
>it's loaded with high-fruc cornsyrup.

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