[NAFEX] Groundnut (apios americana)

mIEKAL aND qazingulaza at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 15:17:36 EDT 2009

If any NAFEXers are interested in a small amount of groundnut (5-10
tubers) send me a Self-address Stamped Envelope, preferably padded
with a couple dollars of postage on it to:

Dreamtime Village
10375 County Hway Alphabet
La Farge, WI  54639

A bit of historical perspective.  I originally paid $25 for 5 tubers....

(for some reason this email went out previoiusly with the wrong subject header)

I just harvest my groundnut for the first time even tho I have a very
old patch.  I got about 5 gallons of roots & tuberous underground
vines (for lack of the proper term) in about 6 square feet.  I'm
growing a variety I got from Will Bonsall who back then was doing a
breeding project.

I notice the farther out you harvest the smaller the tubers get.

For the first ten years it was spreading very slowly but the last
couple years it has been gaining momentum & has decided it really
likes to cover all my grape trellissing which has prompted me to start

I also cooked up a big meal of them yesterday & was surprised how much
they do taste like a potato, especially slathered in butter.  The
skins really needed to be removed because they were pretty leathery.
My very biggest ones were the size of a plum & most were a lot


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