[NAFEX] goosebarry var info

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Sun Sep 13 11:37:56 EDT 2009


Here is a variety list that is almost completely different from the list I 
looked at from some nursery in PNW.  The descriptions are good, and more 
info on Am vars.  Thanks for your comments so far, as the cautious tones 
made me want to investigate more carefully than I might have.  I have no 
idea what kind of gooseberry I have, probably Poorman as it is rather 
droopy, but I can't remember seeing enough gooseberry bushes in my life to 
be able to compare.  I do remember the old woman in east Tenn who said her 
mother grew gooseberries as a cash crop and took the berries to market one 
Saturday a year.  She used a horse drawn wagon, so that was a LONG time ago, 
but whatever kind she grew, it produced well.  They picked them green. 

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