[NAFEX] Necta Zee nectarine question

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 13 07:16:17 EDT 2009

Has anyone on this list fruited the Necta Zee nectarine in the East (preferably Southeast)?

The reason I ask is that I planted this cultivar based on a number criteria, including that it was described as freestone.  My tree was so healthy that I took the unprecedented step of allowing to set a few fruit in its first year.  All 3 of these fruit were decidedly clingstone.  Thus my upcoming report in Pomona calls it a clingstone.

However, I just double-checked the plant patent (PP06283) and it's described as freestone there as well.  Sooo... either the nursery sent me the wrong cultivar or there is more possibility for environmental influence on stone adherence than I had thought.

If anyone has fruited this cultivar and can comment on their experience on whether it's cling or free &/or if anyone else cares to comment on variation in peach/nectarine stone adherence, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you.  I've seen stones from freestone cultivars be a little clingy when picked too soon, but these so-called Necta Zee fruit were >ripe<.



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