[NAFEX] Autumn olive, invasive? Maybe yes and no.

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Sat Sep 12 19:02:36 EDT 2009

Alan said:  "Hmmm, central NC-  wouldn't be tired old former tobacco farm soil would it?  Maybe old waste sites from coal strip mining?  Fixing N is energy expensive and is only a competitive advantage in poor soils as I understand it." 

Well, that is certainly an illuminating idea!  Yes, I have to admit that autumn olive seems to have some advantage on poor sites.  Untended fields in this area are prone to growing a lot of broomsedge, which indicates low pH, low N and low P.   If autumn olive were to move in, I don't think anything would stop it till a forest grew up through it and shaded it out.  Which I have no doubt would happen, given the apparent availability of the N fixed to surrounding plants.      Donna 
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