[NAFEX] medlar death

rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 12 18:01:34 EDT 2009

It seems my medlar has gone in to a rapid decline for some reason!!
Almost all the leaves are brown now.  It seems to have started about 3 weeks ago with some browning of some leaf tips. I really thought nothing of it till I came back form a weeks trip and half the leaves were brown starting from the tip.  I havent noticed in borors no obvious damage to root around the crown.  We had a good amount of rain, but not excessive. 

Its a grafted 8 year old specimen. Cant remember from where. Maybe edible landscaping or Raintree. I assume it is on a pear or quince rootstock...I cant tell. Blues berries are planted  around it. They are unaffected.

 Anyone have any thoughts??

I was just beginning to really like this tree.  The fruit makes a nice sweet wine that most my friends like.


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