[NAFEX] cornus mas ripe?

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Sat Sep 12 02:13:40 EDT 2009

I have a big harvest this year, maybe 5 gallons of fruit.  Mine are  
ripening very unevenly so I'm using a tarp & shaking them off trees,  
then laying them out in the sun until they get as ripe as possible.   
The ripest ones seem to be drying a bit but I don't anticipate that  
this is a problem since I want to use the steam juicer to make some  
juice to put up my first batch of cornus mas wine.  Now to figure out  
what yeast will bring out that flavor the best.


On Sep 11, 2009, at 11:56 PM, John S wrote:

> Allow them to soften before eating.  I generally wait for fruit  
> drop, as individual fruits have a tendency to mature at slightly  
> different times on the same tree.  Once accustomed to judging  
> ripeness with them, you may be able to pick some from the tree.   
> Some varieties hold onto their fruit better than others.  Yellow C.  
> mas drop their fruit when ripe.
> Lon is a very fortunate man.  Someone in Oregon should contact him  
> to "help" with his harvest. :)
> John

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