[NAFEX] cornus mas ripe?

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Fri Sep 11 23:52:12 EDT 2009

One of my cornus mas has 14 fruits this year!  (Plus two more that  
I've picked.)  Okay, not a huge yield, but I've previously only gotten  
1, so this feels like an actual crop.

How can I tell if the fruits are ripe?  Most are fully red, a few are  
still slightly pink.  The two I picked were fully red, crunchy, and  
very sour, although I liked the flavor.  Do they get sweeter and less  
sour if I let them ripen longer?  How much longer?  I don't think the  
squirrels have realized they are food, yet, but I suppose that's only  
a matter of time.

eastern MA, zone 6

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