[NAFEX] gooseberries for Tennessee???

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Fri Sep 11 11:40:44 EDT 2009

I have a gooseberry bush that I got from someone and it's never done much.  Makes a handful or two every year but my Irish husband loves gooseberries and would like lots more.  I read that the problem is mildew and that some vars are more resistant than others.  Any comments re this list, or other varieties you would recommend?  the one we have really doesn't hold it's leaves very well.  I don't see anything that LOOKS like mildew on it, but the leaves turn brown and fall off, so it's mostly stems most of the year, with a few green ones on the tips.  Thanks.  Donna 

Black Velvet
Hinomaki Red, Yellow
Johns Prairie
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