[NAFEX] Anyone growing rubus arcticus

John S swim_at_svc at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 10 20:03:20 EDT 2009

I've been growing three forms of these (including Anna and Beta) for several years.  They do not like bright sun, but have found a spot that gets the right amount of light for them.  The plants are delicate and can't seem to compete with western PA weeds, so it is a constant battle to keep them going by keeping the weeds out without dmaging the fragile root systems of the plants.  The fruits, however, are an excellent cotton-candy flavor but somewhat rare when compared to other Rubus.  I have to grow them under netting to get any as the birds do like them too.
For anyone considering growing these, I would suggest setting up a low hoop house using fiberglass screen or sun shading cloth to keep the excess light, birds and bugs out.  Once you have them in a protected location and keep a handle on the weeds, they do OK.  I intend to set up a rased bet to do this with mine in the next year or so.  The plants need a year or two to grow before they can fruit.  Regular moisture and protection from the sun are the two key requirements for these.  Like other Rubus, the plants need to renew themselves with new growth every year.  Any situation that does not permit or encourage this results in loss of the plant.
John Zone 5

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I planted Anna and Beta (Beata?) hybrid arctic raspberries this spring, and they haven't done much. They've looked bright green and healthy all year, but aren't significantly bigger than when I planted them. No flowers yet.

Zone 5, central NY

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