[NAFEX] Anyone growing rubus arcticus

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Thu Sep 10 10:27:28 EDT 2009

mIEKAL wrote:  "I guess you would never worry about hardiness with this 

    That much hardiness becomes a disadvantage!

    Hartmann Plant Company offered it for sale so I bought a dozen of them 
to try it.  It bloomed really early and went dormant with the onset of warm 
weather, never ripening its fruit.  Then, every Spring, there'd be a few 
less of them until none grew.

    So I reported to Dan Hartmann suggesting he sell Rubus triflorus 
instead; R triflorus is an almost identical plant native to zone 3.  It 
grows wild around here and he asked me to send him a bunch of the plants.

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