[NAFEX] Persimmon IDs? Geneva Long & NC-10

Dr. Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Sep 9 12:29:01 EDT 2009

You know, for several years, I've been wondering if perhaps I mislabeled the
first two persimmons I grafted - Geneva Long & NC-10, scions from John
Gordon;  the 'Geneva Long' tree produced for several years - just a typical
round D.virginiana - but had a borer infestation, and Hurrican Ike's winds
last September broke it over.  I'd always wondered why Dr. Slate called it
"Geneva LONG" - when it was round.  My  'NC-10' tree has only been bearing
lightly, for a couple of years - but those fruits are elongate 'acorn'
shaped fruits .  

Makes me wonder if I got the IDs switched 10-12 years ago when I was first
starting out with my grafting attempts; maybe my 'NC-10' is actually Geneva


The 'NC-10' tree has a heavy crop this year - they're starting to drop now,
I gathered a couple dozen BIG fruits from the grass beneath it yesterday
afternoon.  Lighter yellow color this year than last, when they were the
typical orange D.virginiana color, but easily 50% larger - some twice the
size of the fruits it's produced the last two years.  Good flavor, and still
some character to the flesh - and still just a hint of astringency in some,
but not enough to stop me from eating them.


Wondered if anyone (Jerry Lehman?) might be able to shed some light on my
dilemma - anybody got photos of 'known' specimens of these two varieties?




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