[NAFEX] Do Apples Continue to Ripen?

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Depends on several factors, including how mature the fruit were and the cultivar.  If they were a month off, I suspect they will never reach decent quality.  But apples can mature somewhat off the tree.

I'd recommend a couple of things:
Cut open a couple of fruit and inspect the seeds- if they aren't dark brown and plump, you may want to just compost the apples.
If they pass that test, then put them in the fridge with a ripe apple for a few weeks, then bring out a few at a time to see if they've improved.  The ethylene emitted from the ripe apple will help ripen them if they've advanced enough to respond favorably and the time will give the phenolic compounds some opportunity to polymerize, thus reducing bitterness and astringency.  

YNP was not adapted to the climate where I attempted to grow them in the 80's & 90's so we ended up with a lot of large, beautiful apples fit only for sauce, whereas other cultivars performed well.  It's a great apple if your climate and soil will support it.  Your mileage may vary.
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>My garden-hatin' father just knocked half my Yellow Newton Pippin  
>apples off the tree today. They were still a couple weeks to a month  
>off from being ripe. Will they continue to sweeten up off the tree or  
>am I just left with some very expensive vegetables now?
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