[NAFEX] autumn olive

M Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 16:53:02 EDT 2009

After seeing the chatter about Autumn Olive, I couldn't be quiet any longer.
Here in Ohio ( and in much of the east),  the plants are really invasive.
Originally planted for its wildlife value  and nitrogen-fixing capabilities,
among other virtues, its use is now highly discouraged in some states.  


Both USDA and Ohio State researchers have looked at the fruits' antioxidant
and  lycopene content.  The fruit makes a nice ice-cream syrup and is pretty
tasty, especially with a little sugar.  But to encourage its use in many
eastern ecosystems is just asking for trouble.  New Mexico is dry enough
that escapees may not be a risk, but around here there are other better
choices.  How about Cornus mas, for example?  Cornelian cherries can be
nice, too.


Michele in SW Ohio

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