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My HC also came from EL in 2004. I have heard that EL has likely mixed up HC
with Sal's fig, which is quite similar, so any HC from EL is suspect. Mine
produced small, but good flavored fruit the first time it fruited (2nd
year), but since has produced "large, rich, juicy and delicious" figs in
large numbers. The figs have gotten larger and better each year. It even
produced a large breba crop this year that were larger and even better
tasting than the main crop from previous years. It had never produced brebas
before. It has also proven itself much hardier than Celeste or Brown Turkey,
rarely suffering more than slight winter injury even in years when Celeste
was killed to the ground. Last winter got down near zero, and there were
only three small twigs killed back

6/7 TN

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> Interesting. I got mine from Edible Landscaping a few years ago. I will
> have to send pictures to mIEKAL to be sure we are comparing the same
> fruit.
> Betsy Hilborn
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