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Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
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Pyrus betulafolia is one of the preferred stocks for resistance to pear 
psylla.  The main problem is that most of the material in the U.S. came 
from the southern part of the species' range and isn't hardy.  But 
there is material from the northern part that is very hardy.  In 1990 I 
sent seed of it from the Germplasm Repository to Wayne Fuhr in Canada.  
He reported that young trees took -40 in November with only slight 
damage at the ends of twigs.  I have had a row of seedlings of that 
material for some years and I think they have real potential.
-Lon Rombough
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On Sep 4, 2009, at 7:49 AM, Kieran &/or Donna wrote:

No, the one thing I read every time about calleryana is that it's NOT 
hardy as a rootstock.  That leaves P. ussuriensis as the most likely 
candidate.  Okolo is a  ussuriensis offspring that may be hardy enough 
for you, from Dr. Hansen's work I think.  I didn't get good takes from 
my grafts of that one, but if you'll look at the Corvallis site, they 
have a list of hardy pears.  You'll want only the very hardiest.  You 
can call for nominations right here.  
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