[NAFEX] weirdly useless soil

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Fri Sep 4 10:50:33 EDT 2009

Ginda,  We got some horse manure that has stunted beets and peppers, 2 
plants very susceptible to this new long lasting herbicide.  Tomatoes are 
another plant that is very susceptible.
    Apart from tobacco virus, tomatoes are not much bothered by viruses. 
Our tomato "virus" turned out to be boron deficiency.  But I think the very 
similar effect in the peppers is herbicide.  The herbicide being heavily 
advertised around here is "Milestone" and it makes for very nice clean hay 
with no thistles or any other broadleaved weeds.  Goes through the animals 
urine into the bedding, stays active right through composting.    Donna

P.S.  I just read your reply.  Where the last of the manure was heaped up I 
have planted a few beans which look fine, but the wild violets are very 
chlorotic!  My son says that what looked like latex paint in some of the 
bedding was probably from a mill where they used titanium paint as an 
undercoat before cutting boards to length.  He said no problem except for 
possibly running up the pH.  That would make iron less available to the 
violets, but also would make boron less available to the peppers and beets, 
which were also affected.  However, adding sulfur and boron seems to have 
had no effect. 

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