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Okay Ron thanks.. That was something I picked up on the internet that Alborz
and Ralli were alternate names for the same thing.   I was trying to use
additional information to make sense of my notes.


They were very clear at Parma that imports were brought in entirely legally
and cleaned.  They also respected and protected the varieties they were
supposed to respect and protect.  Yes the Shelly (but it was named after
Ron's wife.  I know both of them) does come of the cluster very easily.  It
was set out in baskets of individual berries, not on a cluster. Ron also
named an apple Sweet Shelly after his wife some years ago.


I have forgotten the number of the seedless blue Muscat I planted from
Cornell 17 years ago. It is still going for me here and I do like it.  NY
never released it I was told because the performance was too variable, grape
and cluster size often too small and susceptible to botrytis.   Is
NY65.483.2 a blue grape really packed onto the cluster? 



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Alborz is a sport of the commercial variety Flame Seedless. It's a bit
earlier and colors better. 
Ralli is a sport of a Sunworld variety. Don't let them catch you with it.
They are even using DNA testing to prosecute unlicensed growers of their
varieties, and Ralli is covered by the contracts they use. 
NY 47616 ("Shelly") is one Cornell withdrew from testing because as the name
suggests, it shells off the clusters very badly. Tastes great, but some
years you can shake it off the vine with a stiff breeze. NY 65.479.1 was a
blue seedless, one of Cornell's old selections they never released. Too cold
tender, among other things. The seedless muscat NY 65.483.2 has good muscat
flavor, but the berries are too small and the clusters are so compact that
any attempt to increase the berry size leads to cracking and splitting of
the fruit.
Rombough Seedless was released more or less by accident, but I don't mind as
the patent fees would have been more than it might earn anyway.

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On Sep 3, 2009, at 8:24 PM, Naomi Counides wrote:

Today was the Fruit Field day at the Parma extension of the U of Idaho.  The
facility and the program is under considerable threat of being shut down
because U of I has to cut 3.2 million from their budget and cutting Parma
would "save $600,000.   This is a place with over 20 years working on this
site.  The irrigation system is amazing.. and the trees and vines on it even
more so.

There was some major discussion of table grapes in Idaho.  This is really a
coming thing seemingly.  We have hot days and cool nights.  It is basically
dry here.  Nice for raising grapes.  And I tasted a lot of them.
Unfortunately my notes stink. Now since I am not a commercial grower I
tasted looking for interesting flavor.. not just sugar water balls.  These
are names I wrote down so I think that means I liked them though I no longer
have any detail on flavor or texture.  Alborz (crunchy) This is one I
already have planted thanks to Ron Mann who is in cahoots with Parma and is
a friend who lives up the road and has pimped fruit trees and now grapes to
me for years. Anahita also called Ralli is another I tasted and like and I
already have planted. Ron Mann's grape Sweet Shelly (NY47616), named after
his wife was there and quite nice. Looked like a blueberry and maybe tasted
a bit like one.  Here it can be useful to have a grape that tastes like a
blueberry.  We have alkali soil and blueberries are tricky to grow but
grapes are easy.  I saw a green seedless by Ron L there.  I really liked NY
65.0479.1.  I would like to know more about that one and I would like to
plant it. I seem to have missed Ny65.483.2 but that one sounds very
interesting also.  I like Muscat flavor.  And yes those are all seedless
because my family is fussy about seeds and sometimes I make raisins.


By the time I got to the tables of peaches there was not much left to taste
and I was getting pretty full even going one grape at a time.  There were
LOTS!!!  And there were plums, pluots, nectarines, apples Mulberries.  Very
interesting presentation on size and soluables and how to do what by use of
water and nutrients to apples.  BTW this irrigation system uses 60% less
water than the sprinkler emitters.  It is 4 inches underground 1 foot either
side of the tree or vine.  They do a really interesting thing watering one
side of the apple tree fully for 2 weeks and starving the other side then
alternating to increase sugars.

Saw figs, jujube, mulberry, Asian persimmon, Asian pears, quince, walnuts
and almonds.  Oh and the way they are now growing the grapes is vey neat and
shady to walk under.  I forget which varieties but they had huge bunches of
grapes.  They showed a 9 pounder but said they had one that went 11 pounds.





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