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> Is this normal for it to take so long to start flowering?  Or are flower 
> buds maybe being killed?  I've never seen anything on it that looks like 
> a flower bud.
> The trees are quite beautiful with their large, soft tropical looking 
> leaves and it has taken me many years to get named varieties to 
> survive.  Now I'm waiting for fruit.         

Good Morning Jay,

Male persimmons normally flower about the 5th year from seed. They normally 
precede the females by two years. The flowers are small and light yellow 
and not easy to see along with the green calyx. They bloom in early June here 
in zone 5b. 

I almost wonder if you have persimmon. I'd never describe a persimmon as 
"soft tropical looking leaves." Some will have a red tint until the leaves 
mature and normally slick shinny surface. A few will be pubescent on the under 
side. But if you got them from a nursery I'd find it hard to believe you 
received something other than D. virginiana.  


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