[NAFEX] American persimmon flowering

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Fri Sep 4 01:30:28 EDT 2009


Does anyone have experience with American persimmons?  I have a tree 
that is probably about 10 years old and has never flowered.

The history of this tree is that it was originally a grafted variety, I 
think Szukis, on which the top didn't survive but the roots kept putting 
up new shoots.  It took several years before the resulting shoots 
actually survived a winter (New Mexico 7000 ft) but it has steadily 
grown since then.  It is now about 6 feet high.  I am hoping it will be 
a male to polinate my named female varieties but so far no sign of any 
flowers on it.

Is this normal for it to take so long to start flowering?  Or are flower 
buds maybe being killed?  I've never seen anything on it that looks like 
a flower bud.

The trees are quite beautiful with their large, soft tropical looking 
leaves and it has taken me many years to get named varieties to 
survive.  Now I'm waiting for fruit.  Help.



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