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Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Thu Sep 3 21:11:03 EDT 2009

This year has been a bad year for figs in the north east. I still managed to get a few varieties to ripen. 
Here are some taste tests so far. I invited a couple fig lovers to taste and rate these figs. 
Here's how I rated the flavor of these figs on scale of 1-10 two taste testers.

Earlier in August 
Dark Portuguese 9.5/10 breba crop excellent flavor
Well sweep 8/10 very sweet yellow fig
Brunswick 7/10 sweet, but a bit watery
Byadi 8/10 excellent yellow fig from Syria
O'Rourke 8/10 Very good rich flavor
Gulbun  7/10 was better last year
Long Yellow 7/10 Extra large sweet fig, a bit watery due to heavy rain
Lynnhurst White 8/10 Very large fig 

Those were picked August 26th
Gulbun 6.5/10 okay flavor, was watery 
Osborn 8.5/10 good sweet mild flavor 
O'Rourke 7.5/10 rich strawberry flavor, more Acidy but very sweet 
Mega Celeste 5/10 Thick skin and dry not too sweet. 
Well sweep 8.5/10 very sweet Honey like flavor 
Tx Everbearing 7.5/10 very sweet molasses flavor

Today I had I did another taste test with different varieties I picked today 9/3

Tx everbearing 7.5/10 Nutty flavor
Naples white 8/10 Large fig, very juicy
Tiger 8/10 has a unique reach flavor
Negronne 9.5/10 Very sweet, excellent flavor small size
Sicilian Dark 7.5/10 I should have left the fig on longer, not fully ripe.
Sal's Fig 9/10 Rich flavor

I will be adding pictures for all of these on my website.

Bassem Samaan
Bethlehem, pa zone 6

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